05-01-2005 - Finally some content!

Welcome to Raw Mediums! Raw Mediums is a vision that has grown into a large community project started by Jason Pavao and countless others that helps empower communities via free webservice such as full site hosting, DNS, webmail, etc. to communities, beneficial non-profits, artists, musicians, gathering groups (basically anyone doing something for the improvement of our human condition). All you need to afford is the 7$ a year domain registration fee. We have a 1TB server on a OC128 colocated at 365 Main in San Francisco providing isp class hosting with redundancy that is unmatched. We also offer very affordable business hosting starting at 50$ a year you can't beat that! Feel free to contact us at (jason a-t rawmediums.com)

Check back soon for some new nifty features like a web control panel, a mambo site and possibly a 2nd Mac OSX server in the coming week.





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